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About Us

We exist to help you succeed in real estate investing.

Whether you are a seasoned investor looking for opportunities or you are a new investor just getting started, we have possibilities to help you grow both in your understanding as well as your exposure to real estate deals.

REI Circle is a community-driven platform helping you succeed in your real estate financial gains by connecting you to expert investors in cash-rich cities around the world. 


Real Estate Investing

Succeed in Real Estate Investing with our online learning community. We have extensive training and expert advice from seasoned investors in a variety of areas of expertise. Learn from the community about what mistakes to avoid and where the real opportunities lie.


With investors in cities across the world.

As an exclusive member of REI Circle, you will gain access to our private, online investor community and learn from one another. You can also participate in one of our events in a major city near you. Meet other investors and learn from their stories. Get connected with local investment networks in your city.


Investment Deals

Analyze and participate in investments. Join hands with our exclusive community of investors on deals they are currently exploring. 

Common investment deals we explore:

  • Fix & Flip
  • Mixed Family
  • Commercial
  • Hospitality
  • REI Private Equity Funds
  • International Real Estate


REI Circle Events

Attend our various city-based networking and training events to help you succeed as a real estate investor. As a member, you will also be invited to attend our Annual REI Circle Summit which takes place in a different, beautiful country each year. It’s a time to connect with other investors, learn, and have a lot of fun!


Need funding for your project?

We work with large institutional banks to help you get the project funding you need. We also have pre-screened investors looking for deals to partner on. If you have a deal, we want to talk to you.